15 June 2020

New publication: New Avenues in Paul Auster’s Twenty-First Century Work - in French and English (including Interview with Auster)

New Avenues in Paul Auster’s Twenty-First Century Work gathers seven articles written by critics of Auster’s work: I. B. Siegumfeldt, Ilana Shiloh, Priyanka Deshmukh, François Hugonnier, Antoine Dechêne, Aliki Varvogli and Jesper Præst Nielsen, offer new perspectives on Auster’s work by exploring the synthesis of content and form, rhythm, tone and emotion, the interconnection between literature and politics, the parity between true and false. Auster’s latest book, 4 3 2 1 (Henry Holt, 2017; Actes Sud, 2018) harbors the majority of the new trends on which we focus. Therefore, each contributor has related their study, in one way or another, to this mastodon novel. Paul Auster kindly agreed to comment on aspects of the articles published in this LISA e-journal issue in an interview with I. B. Siegumfeldt and François Hugonnier which took place at his house in Brooklyn, 14th November 2019.

I. B. Siegumfeldt et François Hugonnier (2020). New Avenues in Paul Auster’s Twenty-First Century Work [Voies/voix d’aujourd’hui dans l’œuvre de Paul Auster]. Littératures, histoire des Idées, Images et Sociétés du monde Anglophone. Presses Universitaires Rennes, vol. 18, no. 50.